surface methane emissions measurement

Ecoprobe + other portable gas analyzers

Requirements of a portable gas analyser
For sampling of landfill gas from the landfill surface, the connected portable landfill gas analyser should have these parameters
  • Measurement range 100 – 500,000 ppm CH4 (or at least from 1000 ppm, which is used in purpose of selective measuring of CH4;); there are no extra requirements on instrument precision
  • Air sampling pump with a performance of 4 litres per minute. Other possibility is that the pump can replaced by an accessory – a sampling pump attached to the flux-scan device
  • ABuilt-in integral evaluation of methane measurement; i.e. the analyser can interpret the set of individual values measured during the analysing period of a sample as an average; this property can be replaced by the post evaluation of the sampling data
  • Setting of the time during which the sampling pump flushes the sampling pipe (1 second -“pre-integration period”) and setting of the time, during which the analysis of the drawn air is undertaken (10 seconds - “integration period”); these adjustments could be replaced by a manual sampling control
  • Intervals between the individual analyses of methane are preferably 0.1 second ,i.e., 100 measurement over the 10 seconds sampling interval; the number of analyses or methane value readings could be much lower, perhaps as low as 3 - 4 over the sampling interval, at the expense of the measurement’s precision.
The required PGA requirements are well met by Ecoprobe 5 analyser. Almost any other PGA with sufficient measurement range can be also used with flux-scan version equipped with the sampling pump.